Dave (Fnf Vs Dave and Bambi Mod)

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Dave algebra class, or simply Dave, is the first opponent of the mod. Dave is quite competitive, lively, and slightly calm, but seems to have a habit of stuttering when surprised(as seen in the house cutscene). Living in the middle of nowhere doesn't seem to bother him too much, as that doesn't mean he's completely alone, on the other hand, his son Tristan sometimes easily takes away his good manners, causing Dave to lose some of his polite language and curse his son right away. Despite this, Dave is not a violent father, as he is only very strict with his son. He appears to be irritated or annoyed when he loses to someone(Dave's spritesheet in insanity is called Dave-annoyed in the game files) but maintains his composure despite this. The bad part of this is that the chances of him starting to turn his surroundings into 3D, and with that destroying the world, increases, and as seen in furiosity/polygonized. Dave doesn't have good control over the 3d world. It is revealed in the terminal text logs that Dave turns the world 3d due to his interdimensional dislocation, which is triggered when Dave is under a mass amount of stress.

More facts here: https://fridaynightfunking.fandom.com/wiki/Vs._Dave_and_Bambi#undefined



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