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EYX is a character created by the user, Kaua16. EYX was created on October 15th, 2021, while Cynffonnau was created on November 14th, 2021. EYX is an entity that haunts a Sonic ROM Hack in the form of a virus to leak the player's information to a group of mysterious people on the internet. EYX divided himself into two parts: EYX/Draenog (The Sonic Counterpart) and Cynffonnau (The Tails Counterpart). Despite having different names, both of the counterparts’ names remain the same as his original form. For the Sonic counterpart, EYX shares a highly deformed shape of Sonic. Having one big eye, sharp teeth, and long skinny arms with massive fingers, as well as long legs. As for the Tails counterpart, Cynffonnau is almost identical to Tails, however, his fur colors are now distorted and gray, he has a big mark of blood surrounding his mouth with also sharp teeth, and lacerated arms/legs. His real look remains a secret for now.

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