Mini Wither Storm

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The Wither Storm was a very powerful creature. It gained its extraordinary capabilities with the help of the Command Block. Its powers were:

Firing Wither Skulls that explode violently on contact, leaving behind an accumulation of flames. Using a tractor beam to pull in any entity, block, and person within it. Being left in the beam for too long can inflict people with Wither or Wither Sickness. Using its several tentacles to break through any block (including Obsidian) and to attack from a distance. Possessing an immense degree of durability as it is shown to have survived the detonation of the Formidi-Bomb at point-blank range. Regeneration, as long as the Command Block was intact. Splitting and creating progenies of itself if separated into pieces once linked to the original. If the original Wither Storm who had Command Block dies, its progenies die along with it. Forming and activating additional heads as well as tentacles inside its body cavity to protect the Command Block inside. Tracking the Order's Amulet unless it is in the Nether or the End.,behind%20an%20accumulation%20of%20flames.



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