Hog + Scorched(CreepyPasta)

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Hog/Scorched are a set of characters created by Twitter user RblxTrex. They were both created on January 17th 2022.

His appearance in this form makes him look less threatening, as his personality is completely different, he's very quiet but at the same time very innocent and affectionate.

Scorched is an alternate form for Hog, looking taller, lankier and vein-y in appearance, with dark eyes and sharp teeth being revealed. His body reveals that the clothing on his previous form is actually it’s flesh molded to look like it.

In this form his personality is very different, constantly plotting his next move with precision in mind, if he sees the opportunity to do something, he will do it. Although this form is highly aggressive in nature, he only attacks by choice, either to prolong a chase or to cause panic.

More facts here: https://cult-of-x.fandom.com/wiki/Hog



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