Zephaniah/Mighty.zip (Fnf D sides Mod)

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Zephaniah, also known as Mighty.ZIP, is a secret antagonist in Friday Night Funkin' D-Sides. He is essentially the D-Sides version of Sonic.exe.


Zephaniah at first resembles a purple Mighty the Armadillo. When he sings though, he is shown to have a very deformed mouth. When he gets serious, he becomes slightly bigger, and his mouth is a more visible and deformed. He has black and yellow eyes.


After a player beats Chester in week 5, they can find a text file in the game's folder indicating a secret song. the file is done in rhyme. Upon accessing the song, Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet Mighty whom they rap with. After the first set of lyrics though, Mighty reveals himself to be a monster and becomes more aggressive. In the middle of the song, Mighty.ZIP makes a rhyme directed toward the player telling them that their screen will be the last thing they see before continuing his attack on boyfriend. After beating Mighty.ZIP, he leaves another text file, once again in rhyme letting the player know he will return.


“In the Notepad fates are written 'cus Pandora didn't listen. Time will march, and here with me, THIS SCREEN'S THE LAST YOU'LL EVER SEE." ~ Mighty.ZIP threatening the player

“Although in our past, we broke out tether. I'm glad we're back here together. For now we have all come to meet and enjoy a delicious and hearty God's feast. For it is now, on Thanksgiving day, THAT I INVITE YOU TO CHOW DOWN IN A CARNIVOROUS WAY!" ~ Mighty.ZIP delivering a Thanksgiving speech during a celebration between him, his d-side buddies, Sonic.EXE, Lord X, and Majin Sonic.

More facts here: https://fridaynightfunking.fandom.com/wiki/Friday_Night_Funkin%27_D-Sides



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