Spamton G. Spamton [deltarune]

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[HEY EVERY!!!]] IT S THE [#1 Rated Salesman of 1997!] NOW [teeny tiny]ER THAN EVER BEFORE!!!!! THE [SMALL SHOT!] ON YOUR DESK ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THIS [[Specil] Limited Time Offer!!!!!] FOR THE SMALL PRICE OF [free*]], THIS OFFER WILL ONLY LAST [[f o r e v e r]

[Nothing] LIKE A [nice, nice] [figurine] TO DISTRACT YOU, [Little Sponge] FROM THE [Chaos, chaos!]OF [Current Ongoings]

[some assembly required]

[follow the guidelines and enclosed photos for best results!]

[Tip]: THIS [Lil' guy]] MAY NEED A [Stand] BECAUSE HE CAN'T [[Stand]] THE [Pain[The papercraft falls over really easily lol]]




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