Mini Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Pack

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Powerful weapons for your minis to fight against mobs!

Some Weapons repeat from my others designs but this is for more easy navigation.

Wiki :

List of Weapons:

-Sword -Gold axe

-Gold sword -Firebrand

-Stone sword -Katana

-Diamond sword -Dark Katana

-Soul Knife -Master's Katana

-Eternal Knife -Highland Axe

-Daggers -Whirlwind

-Axe -Cutlass

-Double axe

Second Page:------------------------------

-Glaive -Scatter crossbow

-Dancer's sword -Trickbow

-The Pink Scoundrel -ShortBow

-Twin Bow -Heavy Crossbow

-Bonebow -Power Bow

-Doom crossbow -Elite Power Bow

-Slayer crossbow -Maze (Credits to Jacobius for the original maze)



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