Red Mungus(Fnf Vs Impostor Mod)

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Red Mungus is the second opponent in Week J, Jorsawsee's Jams and is the second opponent in O2, one of the opponents in Voting time, and the main opponent in Turbulence.

Red Mungus looks similar to Red Impostor, however he also has a small top hat and generally looks goofier than Red. They are also seemly only have a single sharp tooth(shown when screaming in Voting Time.

During Turbulence, Red Mungus transforms into his parasite form, which has a furry red body, bat wings, ram horns, and octopus-like tentacles in place of his legs. He has an upcoming design where his wings are longer and has a tadpole tail replacing his black tentacles and brought back his legs. He also attains his small top hat.

He can be seen in the background of Victory, frustrated with his loss.

Cooper, Red Mungus's creator, passed away from cancer 18 days after the mod's release. A GoFundMe for St. Jude's Children's Hospital will be held in his honor.

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