Garcello(Fnf Hazy River Mod)

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An old design I forgotten to upload every time. That's why it may look kinda meh compared my recent designs. (For context, Normal garcello is old(you can tell by the old tabs I use to make) and ghost garcello is made while hazy river came out)

Garcello is a character made by atsuover and Rageminer. He is a heavy smoker. Garcello is a laid back man. Unlike most of the opponents in Friday Night Funkin' and its community of mods and headcanons, he is not evil or chaotic. As a matter of fact, he holds no form of grudge or hate towards Boyfriend and is even one of the few opponents he has faced who respects him. Garcello seems to not really care for himself, given he knew that smoking his cigar was hurting him, yet he still chose to smoke anyway. He was rather accepting of his demise, as shown how he died with a smile on his face after performing his last song with Boyfriend.

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