Zombified Piglins

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This Includes The Variant 0, 1, And 2 Design Of The Zombified Piglin. You think that "The armored variants should be separate." If you play Minecraft Dungeons, you know that the armored mobs don't exist. it's just a variant of the base mob.


Zombified Piglins in Minecraft Dungeons is similar in appearance to their counterpart within the original game with the slight exception that they are hostile. They are also in a hunched position, unlike the original game. Zombified piglins, like their regular counterparts, have variants. The first variant wears a black armor set and has one gold arm guard on its left arm, while the second variant wears a reddish armor set, has two gold guards on its arms, and has a cracked Gold helmet. the first variant wields a gold axe while the second variant wields the Firebrand.



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