Hot Pink(Fnf Vs EVIL Impostor Mod)

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Hot Pink is the second antagonist in the mod. They're an EVIL version of Green Impostor. Being a Crewmate as well. Hot Pink is a hot pink colored member of the crew, bean-shaped astronaut with de-attached floating hands. The mod presents them as a cocky but an insecure antagonist. Wielding a mic on their left hand and letting it hang on a wire attached to their left hand during the idle. Some part of the design is based off Green Impostor gone though a negative image filter, many changes were made, such as tweaking colors and building up the personality and their role in the mod. Hot pink is just a bit taller than a regular Crewmate. Hot Pink has a scientist role, which they extremely despise. Hot Pink is transgender, the character transition happened during a development by agreement of the team. Once dead, Hot Pink gets a Guardian Angel Role.

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