White(Fnf Vs EVIL Impostor Mod)

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White is the fourth main character in the mod. They're an EVIL version of Black Impostor, being a highly skilled Crewmate rather than an impostor. They are well aware of their counterpart and in a constant fight with them. White is a large Crewmate with a blue cone tilted backwards. The cone has 1 white stripe instead of the usual 2. They wield a blue microphone in their left hand. White is just a bit shorter than black? They have a Crewmate streak of 48 and still counting. Their visor design is based on the old Among Us promotional art visors. White downloaded a cracked version of Among Us and can only use Quick-Chat.

More facts here: https://fridaynightfunking.fandom.com/wiki/VS_EVIL_Impostor#undefined



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