Fully Posable Shulker / City Golem Action Figure (Advanced)

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Uploaded by end3rguy
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!!!!THE FIRST (topmost) TEMPLATE IS THE POSABLE ONE!!!! the other 2 are just separate parts without the cutout indications and support tubes.

This design is highly advanced (even if it may not look like it) so I do not recommend if you struggle assembling something from the bendable character generator.

I plan on making the colored variants in the future but it seems super tedious. Maybe a generator could be made but probably not considering the slight design inaccuracy of a pixel thick shell (I prefer it and it helps seal the halves together).

I'm super proud of this design because the pixel thick shell might not have looked right but it did and adds depth. The posability mechanism is also flawless and works much like the piston designs where it extends up to 2 blocks but can also swivel and is mostly unobtrusive.

you can use the design or photos for whatever you want as long as you ask me first or credit me.




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