Nether Blaze Balcony- Diorama

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Here it is !!!!! Part 3 in my Nether series. This is the Blaze Balcony typically found at the end of the Nether bridge. (which I have also built and uploaded here along with the Nether fortress room.)

I personally like printing front and back for the stair sides and stairs top or double pages for more stability. Because when it is put together, you can play on the inside as well. If you don't care or don't want to use the extra paper and ink, no worries.

I also have two different stair top options. The fence pieces and smaller stairs page separate the two options. For the newer papercrafter- there is 2 pages , one page has the right and left side logs, the second page has the top shelf bottom and the smaller log. For the more intricate papercrafter there are 2 pages- the first page has the full top with lots of fold, then the second page is just the top shelf piece.

You need to print 2 pages of stairs for the complete look.

IF you want it to look like mine you will be printing 13 pages. if you want to print bare minimum then it is 7 pages.

I added elements for scale from monster spawner- lostminer- Blaze- carlos33 -

Let me know what you think and if you make the whole Diorama set. :)



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