End City- Pt 3 - Diorama

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Here is the final part in the end city. This is the tower that connects to the top house and makes the platforms to the smaller house and to the ship dock. This is a 7-10 page set. You only need to make this set once. I am adding 2 extra pages in case anyone wants to make a larger base for any of the in between pieces. Print two copies of page 1 and 2 (& 4, if you want the larger base).

Let me know what you think. I'd love to see photos if you finish it. (There is also a ship in the end city, but I'm not brave enough to try making that yet. I'll update if I make it later.)

I like adding details like this end gateway from - dkang1- https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/56b557fdd36af6ab1b000003/end-gateway-portal

I also like this mini exit portal- I would love to have it bigger from- nkbrown- https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/53d99d198d5d41f82200000c/mini-exit-portal



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