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Sorry ! I took it offline accidentally ... This is gootube2000 model (originally ArThorS' one). And I fixed it and made little changes :

-B is fixed (the holes line up and its round bottom will let it switch more easily) and I added tabs at the bottom to cover the hole in A.

-I removed C because we dont anymore need it to hide the hole in A, thanks to B 's cobble-ish bottom tabs.

-I made D (the new C) longer, to make it easier to use, and I made it flat to make it easier to make and to glue on A

-I made the hole in A smaller.

If you want it to be scaled with most of the blocs from Pixel Papercraft (but harder), print the first design. If you want to make it more easily, print the second design. On the second picture, you can see the lever is placed on a design scaled with pixel papercraft block generator (like the spawner, which I added to the SrfHelps stronghold design -instead of the chest). Hope you'll like it ! 👌😊 I've also made some cool stuff from the create mod, try them if you please, and feel free to report to me any problems in the comments. Making steps (in order) :

  1. Cut out the circles.

  2. Fold up and glue B.

  3. Fold up and glue C (four times if you can) to obtain a small , long, thin part.

  4. Put C into B 's holes.

  5. Fold up A.

  6. Glue C into A, in the middle of the hole.

  7. Glue A

/!\ --> A string or a toothpick may work instead of C.

/!\ --> This is a hard model.

Good luck and a good model !




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