Harp Crossbow (Minecraft Dungeons)

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The harp crossbow is a unique scatter crossbow variant that can be found within the various missions of Minecraft Dungeons. Shoots 5 arrows which is quite powerful at close range. This is my personal favorite due to my current enchantments of 2 Multishot. Called it the "Shotgun" because I am shooting around 25-30 arrows I believe. Use thin string for the strings or just don't cut out the white parts. This thing is apparently a weapon and musical instrument which is quite interesting.

If you want it to fit in size with your character, half the size of what you would normally print. My bendable is 130 - custom size so I sized it down to 65. If you're a nerd, here: Size of character/2 = Size of Crossbow (But just go ham on it and make it double the size)

Wiki: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Minecraft_Dungeons:Harp_Crossbow?so=search

NOTE: I'll print and make a 2nd version with the elastic body and pullable strings so don't mind the paper in between the strings

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