Fungus Throwers (Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether DLC)

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Fungus Thrower:

Fungus throwers are piglins that throw blue nethershrooms at heroes. They are seen wearing a purple headband and a light-bluish torn armband on left arm, they also wear purple pants with a gold buckle and a brown leather belt, they are also seen carrying a leather bag filled with blue fungus projectiles that they lob at heroes on their back.The fungus throwers are not stunned by normal attacks except some artifacts and any weapon with the stunning enchantment.

Ranged attack Fungus throwers attack the hero by throwing two blue nethershroom projectiles at once and after that, they distance themselves from the hero and them attack again. The nethershrooms explode into a damaging cloud upon impact, similar to witch poisons thrown by witches.

Zombified Fungus Thrower:

Zombified fungus throwers possess blue armbands, purple headbands, and leather bags containing blue nethershrooms. Unlike living fungus throwers, however, their leather bag has a small rip running alongside it.

Zombified fungus throwers are identical to their non-zombified counterparts, able to throw two fungi that explode, leaving behind a poisoning cloud, and then stay a distance, then throw again, except they are slower and deal slightly more damage (Unconfirmed).

Have fun ;D



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