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Hello all!

I've been waiting for this snapshot to come out to design this adorable creature, and the time has finally come! I had so much fun creating and making the armadillo, however there are a couple extra notes I'd like to add:

  • For a cleaner design, I'd recommend using a pen (with a similar colour to the armadillo) to colour the edges of the paper, so it's more seamless.
  • When making the body, I'd suggest making the bottom layer first, then attaching the top layer on top, gluing the tabs as it goes around. If you glue the top layer flaps completely, sealing the box, it'll be trickier to place it on top of the bottom layer.
  • If you find this model too fiddly / small, I'd always suggest resizing the model to fit however you want :D

I've also included an A5 template and an A4 template as it's a smaller design <3



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