Mini Minecraft Dungeons Vindicators all variants

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Heres information about the mcd vindicator:

Before the Arch-Illager appeared, vindicators were basic illager soldiers, guarding the woodland mansions and participating in raids. After Archie gets the Orb of Dominance, the vindicators and pillagers led by the evokers Thord and Walda, joined the Arch-Illager's army, patrolling now the Highblock Keep, the Fiery Forge, Redstone Mines, and participating in raids, now with the help of redstone golems and the Redstone Monstrosity. After the heroes defeat the Arch-Illager, they traveled to other areas of the mainland and even other dimensions, where vindicators can also be found.

The vindicator's appearance in Minecraft Dungeons is similar to its default counterpart, but with a slightly brightened texture, and their arms are never seen together, unlike in the original game.

The 1st variant is a vindicator that has gold buttons, a smooth metal helmet and purple pants and wields a double axe; meanwhile the 2nd variant is a larger (2.7 block tall) vindicator that has diamond buttons, a horned metal helmet and blue pants and wields a whirlwind axe.

Have fun!! (this is my first mini) THANKS TO GRAVE (minecraftisthebest2008) FOR THE PHOTO!!!!!!!!



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