Pillager Outpost - Part 4

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I'm Back Nerds.

------- DISCLAIMER --------- This is NOT a copy of SneSivan's Pillager outpost, but instead MY take on it. Snesivan's outpost has a lot of problems with it, and I learned that the hard way (yes I did actually make it). First of all, in his design, some textures are incorrect and sometimes even the model is incorrect. Also, Some of the pieces of his design can be simplified OR removed, as they dont have a purpose but to make it harder and to have more pieces. As well, mine has colored tabs, which helps to remove white edges as opposed to white tabs. I don't have a youtube tutorial, but it's still easy to make if you just take a look at the photos for my design.

18 Pages US letter

PDF DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XiTzHVtAHoc7hPPIOzIufJ23_52UMqxM/view?usp=sharing



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