why is this wood is bigger than me?

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-ryanuhm: I need wood! I need wood!! hahahahahaa!!! So I have to break the wood and get it! after I walk for a long time........ -ryanuhm: Oh there is a thing that shaped like wood! I ran to the wood. I am very please that I finally find the wood!! -wood: Oh no do not break me! plz!!! -ryanuhm: I need you! -wood: NoNoNo!!!!! -ryanuhm:hahahahahahahahahahahahaha(maniac) -wood: I can't die because of the maniac like you! -ryanuhm: I will kill you!!!! -wood: Notch!!! help me!!! - notch: I suddenly want to make the all wood bigger that the people -ryanuhm:uh..... what's going on. - wood: Now it's my turn!!!! wood eat ryanuhm and live happly ever after. - HAPPY ENDING! -

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