Toy Fnaf Idea

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Ok so fnaf is a big deal to me I love the trilogy any way this is the marionette I will make a toy Freddy and other characters like this in toy arms and legs and a toy office and mabey the whole building but it might be a long time till the office uploads and please give me more charaters to design and of course I will do the night mare kind characters and the hospital were the bite of 87 started and I will add the kid who unfortunately dies to his beother and hia friends by being thrown him into nightmare Freddy s mouth and the for kids payed by bieng put into the suites of freddy fazbear and his companions bonny chica and foxy as we know the whole bite of 87 started with foxy biteing a childs head but thats not how it happens but when phone guy calls its pretty bad that he wants to help you but he kills children and puts them inro suites but what I hate aboute it is the guy who killed the children is not all that bad he had that hate after his son was killed by his own brother and freinds so we know why killed them but after he was locked in the suite of spring trap and got his blood squeezed out of him like ketchup but yeah to much of that. Im done. Yeah. By. Swagderp out.

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