[Life Size]: Aperture Science Handheld Portal device

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Okey, so this project was, well - still is, in the works. Make sure you check out the original design! Portal gun is scaled up to the Life Size Hands, and obviously, Minecraft themed.

Note: This was kind of in-testing (pun is incidental) So the design is not fully perfect, but it should be easy to figure out. Make the original if you have trouble!

Don't know if you'll see this project soon, who knows -- Thanks ^_^/

:: Original Design :: http://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/57a79a8f6522064e98f74801/portal-gun-portal

:: LS Hands :: http://jeffcrafts.deviantart.com/art/Life-Size-Minecraft-Portal-Gun-628621359

:: Downloads :: http://jeffcrafts.deviantart.com/art/Life-Size-Minecraft-Portal-Gun-628621359

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