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Papercrafts chilling on my calendar, 20(now 21 followers), Drawing peoples skins, sarcasticwither and many other new people seem to have left( come back!), And yet.... Life goes on with or without the people who seem to have left, And the fights. We solve them. Right? If we don't, then what type of community are we? We have to get past these thing, and learn from them when we do. I know there have ben some augments lately(I was in one), But we all should know that everyone can say(almost)exactly what they want, it's there choice if there going to be rude or not. And I really hope that we can put this recent argument behind us and move on with life. And I am really so happy to be a part of this amazing community,

        So thank you all so much for taking you time to read this :)
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