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Village raid WIP 2.0

Photo by ahmadnjah0

Uploaded Sun Feb 09 2020 17:54:53 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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This is my second photo for the village raid. Also I have made many other designs that I will post. A mini pufferfish, mini nautilus shell,mini sea turtle eggs, mini crossbow, mini honey bottle, mini heart of the sea, mini phantom membrane, mini ominous banner, mini conduit, mini fletching table, and a mini smithing table. l cannot post the mini items because they are not allowed on the site. I also need to go to the library so i can print everything. So the blocks will be posted soon. If you want any of the mini items, give me your email in the comments and l will send the ones you want. My email is ahmadnjah0@gmail.com