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Doctor Who Dalek Generator

Print your own Dalek from the Dalek Mod!

Dalek Template and Generator by gootube2000

Dalek Photo by frownieman

This generator is not fully tested yet

There might be some problems, so if you find one please add a comment.

This generator needs some improvements

(1) Convert the design to use just one page

(2) Create a Folds layer

What's a Dalek?

Daleks are a main enemy of a character called The Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who.

Daleks are armoured, mutated creatures who are intensely xenophobic and bent on universal domination. Daleks are hated and feared throughout time and space. They are the oldest and most frequent foes of the Doctor.

More about Daleks ...

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How do I use the Dalek Generator?

Option 1: Use a Dalek skin

  1. Download the Dalek Mod.
  2. Unzip the Dalek Mod and find the Dalek skins
    (probably in /assets/minecraft/drMobs/Daleks)
  3. Select one of the Dalek skins in the generator.
  4. Download and print your new Dalek papercraft.

Option 2: Create your own Dalek skin

  1. Download a sample Dalek skin.
  2. Edit this skin in your favourite graphics program.
  3. Select this file in the generator.
  4. Download and print your new Dalek papercraft.

If you want to experiment with this generator then you can download the files for the Generator Builder.

Download the Background 1

Download Colors 1

Download Background 2

Download Colors 2

Download the Dalek skin

Download the Script

Do you know the URL of a skin online? Use a link like this one: