Pixel Papercraft

Minecraft Enderman Generator

Enderman Generator and Template by ODF

Enderman Photo by joseph12034

How do I use the Enderman Generator?

Option 1: Use a texture pack or mod Enderman skins

  1. Download your favourite texture pack or mod.
  2. Find the enderman.png and enderman_eyes.png files.
  3. Select these files in the generator.
  4. Download and print your new Enderman papercraft.

Option 2: Create your own Enderman skin

  1. Download a sample Enderman texture.
  2. Download a sample Enderman Eyes texture.
  3. Edit this skin in your favourite graphics program.
  4. Select this file in the generator.
  5. Download and print your new Enderman papercraft.

Friendly reminder - only upload designs from this generator to the site if the texture is from a popular mod or texture pack.

If you do upload a design, please include the Fold lines and Labels, and also upload the original texture file you used.

If you want to experiment with this generator then you can download the files for the Generator Builder.

Download the Background

Download the Folds

Download the Enderman texture

Download the Enderman Eyes texture

Download the Script

Do you know the URL of a skin online? Use a link like this one: