Pixel Papercraft

Minecraft Advanced Pig Generator

Generator, template and photo created by TepigMC


This generator creates a pig papercraft with an optional saddle, helmet, and boots that can be removable. There are also many customizable options to change the type of head, if the pig is wearing armor or if it is removable, etc. There is also a bonus matching ultra mini pig that was inspired by Maki.


The textures that are provided are from Vanilla Minecraft.

If you want to input your own textures, here are the locations where you can find them.


The saddle, helmet, and boots can vary in texture size, so the generator was made to be as general as possible. If the helmet is covering the eyes or nose, then either modify the texture file to make it fit better, or if it is separate after you print it you can trim off the parts that cover the eyes or nose.


The accessories page (second page) works the best if printed slightly larger than the pig page so it fits onto the pig better.

In Windows Photo Viewer, this can be solved by unchecking 'Fit picture to frame' when you print the pig page and Checking 'Fit picture to frame' for the accessories page.

This generator is not fully tested yet

There might be some problems, so if you find one please add a comment.

If you want to experiment with this generator then you can download the files for the Generator Builder.

Download pig-advanced.zip