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Minecraft Papercraft Chess

Download a complete Minecraft Papercraft Chess set.


All of the characters are single piece designs, so no joining of parts required.

Passive vs Aggressive

The sides are loosely based on Steve plus Passive mobs vs Aggressive mobs.

Passive Aggressive
King Steve Creeper
Queen Snow Golem Enderman
Bishop Ocelot Skeleton
Knight Pig Spider
Rook Squid Zombie
Pawn Sheep Slime

Looking for more creatures? Check out the Papercraft Mini's page.

Reference Cards

Contains reference cards of which chess piece each of the mobs represent.

The Pieces

These five pages contain all of the pieces needed to play the game.

There are a lot to get through so be prepared for some serious cutting and sticking hours. Maybe get a friend to help.

The Board

Two pages to use for the board. You'll need to print two copies of each to make all four corners of the board.


Thanks to tantusar for combining all of the PDF pages into one easy download.


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