Photo and Design Upload Rules

Photo Upload Rules

  • Photos must be taken by you. Don't upload other people's photos without permission.
  • Photos must be of designs from Pixel Papercraft. Photos of papercraft from other websites are not allowed.

Design Upload Rules

  • No designs from other websites. Designs must be your original creation. Papercraft designs from other websites are not allowed.
  • All designs must include a photo of them made. This shows what it looks like when made, and demonstrates that the design works.
  • Use the A4 page template. Use the A4 page template to help ensure your designs print to scale with other designs on the site.
  • No YouTubers. YouTuber characters are not allowed, however things from very popular YouTube videos may be allowed.
  • No NSFW designs. Designs should be family friendly.
  • No made up designs. Designs should be of something that exists and is well known.
  • No generator characters. Characters from the generators are usually not allowed unless the character is very well known.
  • No mini or toy characters or blocks. Mini and toy characters and blocks are no longer allowed. However mini or toy dioramas, mini Minecraft mobs, and mini Minecraft blocks are allowed.
  • No life size designs. Life size designs are too random in scale and are no longer allowed.
  • Only official Minecraft wearables. Only official Minecraft wearables are allowed. Wearables must be scaled to fit characters from the Minecraft character generator.
  • Only official Minecraft blocks and items. Made up blocks or blocks and items from texture packs and mods are not allowed. Note this only applies to blocks and items. Mobs from texture packs and mods are allowed.

Design Awards

There are four awards available for designs which add points to your overall design score.

Great Photo (+5 points)

The Great Photo award is given to designs that have well made photos. Attributes of a great photo include:

  • Is an accurate representation of the design
  • Is a sharp clear image that is in focus
  • Is not cropped
  • Is a colour printout
  • Has a plain background
  • Has good lighting
  • Has the papercraft in the center of the photo
  • Has no sticky tape or glue showing
  • Has clean folds and textures

Great Design (+5 points)

The Great Design award is given to templates that have well made designs templates. Attributes of a great design include:

  • Uses the A4 page template
  • Has sharp clear textures
  • Has well drawn and appropriate size tabs
  • Is a compact design using the minimum number of pages
  • Is not too close to the page edges
  • Has appropriate labelling
  • Has appropriate instructions
  • It clearly looks like the thing it represents
  • If a character, it should have extras such as wearables, weapons, etc.

Creative Design (+5 points)

The Creative Design award is given to designs that have some uniqueness about them that make them different from other designs on the site.

The Featured award is given to designs are of overall exceptional quality. These designs feature professional photos and well made design templates. They typically have some degree of complexity, and would appeal to a large audience.

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