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Dalek Mod

Pixel Papercraft has teamed up with SWD, the Dalek loving team behind the Dalek Mod.

» Dalek Mod Official Site

» SWD Team Home

What is the Dalek Mod?

The Dalek Mod adds a variety of Doctor Who related features to Minecraft including a fully working Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen and much much more.

The mod allows you to have a Doctor Who experience in Minecraft by yourself or with your friends on multiplayer use the Tardis to travel to new worlds and battle bosses to become the best timelord on your server, collect crystals to power the Tardis and travel to many famous Doctor Who planets such as Skaro, Trenzalore, Gallifrey and more.

Contributing a Dalek Mod Design

Note that Dalek Mod designs don't need to achieve 10 votes for permanent inclusion on the site.

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