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Aether II Mod

Pixel Papercraft has teamed up with Gilded Games, the no-fear-of-heights team behind the Aether II Mod.

» Aether II Official Site

» Aether II Wiki

» Gilded Games on Facebook

What is the Aether II Mod?

The Aether II Mod (the successor to the Aether Mod) is one of the largest Minecraft mods ever made. The mod includes The Aether realm, a realm of the sky. In contrast to The Nether's desolate fiery caverns, The Aether is a collection of floating islands and formations of Aerclouds. plus many new mobs, items and blocks.

Upon arrival in the Aether, you will see large Aerwhales peacefully gliding through the skies, Sheepuffs can be seen floating gently to the ground, and flying pigs with golden wings named Phygs.

Contributing an Aether Design

Note that Aether designs don't need to achieve 10 votes for permanent inclusion on the site.

Looking for ideas?

Take a look at the list of Aether mobs on the wiki.