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Pixel Papercraft has teamed up with the beautifully artful Soartex team.

» Soartex Official Site

What is Soartex?

Soartex is a smooth contemporary high resolution texture art style for Minecraft.

Soartex textures were originally created in 2012 by a member of the Minecraft forums named Soar49 and have since been further developed by fans.

There are two Soartex variants named "Fanver" and "Invictus" that you can read about and download from the Soartex downloads page.

You can read how to install the resource packs on the Soartex FAQ page

Contributing a Soartex Design

Once a design has been submitted and approved we will help you assign correct attribution details to the design and it will be approved.

Note that Soartex designs don't need to achieve 10 votes for permanent inclusion on the site.