Deepslate Brick Variants

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These are all the different deepslate brick varinats: Deepslate brick, cracked deepslate brick, polished deepslate, deepslate tile, cracked deepslate tile, chiseled deepslate. Phew! That's quite a lot of variants. Here are the crafting recipes:

4 Cobbled Deepslate -> 4 Polished Deepslate

4 Polished Deepslate -> 4 Deepslate Brick

1 Deepslate Brick ->FURNACE-> 1 Cracked Deepslate Brick

4 Deepslate Brick -> 4 Deepslate Tiles

1 Deepslate Tile ->FURNACE-> 1 Cracked Deepslate Tile

2 Cobbled Deepslate Slabs -> 1 Chiseled Deepslate

Credits: I got the textures from the Pixel Papercraft Block Generator:



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