Wearable Action Figure Armor (+ Massive Generator Update)!

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A design for action figure armor that can be worn, taken off, and keeps all the articulation of the model. I designed it so that it matches the proportions of armor in-game as closely as possible, so instead of being the same size as the player, it is slightly bigger whenever there is room to be, and because of that the armor looks bulky like it should and not like it's super tight. The chestplate and leggings should be able to be held at the right spot by their joints, but for the head and boots, I provided linings to go on the inside to keep them from falling off when worn. If anyone wants to make armor designs for other character designs, you can use this one as a template for the proportions.

Also here's a generator (with armor trim support): https://ninjolasnjm.github.io/pixel-papercraft-generator-builder/#minecraft-armor I'm releasing this at the same time as a massive update to the generators, if you haven't heard about it on Discord. It has a lot of things that I worked on for the past two years, so I hope you enjoy it.

Made for Action Figure Characters: https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/604d45cb2d3ec010ec34fa00/mc77-part-1-ssbu-steve-alex-zombie-enderman-action-figures + generator: https://ninjolasnjm.github.io/pixel-papercraft-generator-builder/#minecraft-action-figure

Heavily inspired by Rooterbuster's Ultimate bendable Armor: https://www.pixelpapercraft.com/papercraft/546c2207eb9f0a2258000003/ultimate-bendable-character-armour-diamond



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